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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A very lovely commenter named Fernanda mentioned she wanted to feature our renovation in the Brazilian online magazine Westwing Home and Living. I was more than happy to share anything she requested and after a few emails back and forth the feature came out yesterday! I love the way they arranged the photos and if I could read the text, I'm sure it's also great. Google translate does a questionable job so I've included the original questions and answers I sent (which I'm sure have been edited down). Enjoy!

Tell me a little bit about you,what do you do for living, how everything started and when you discovered your passion for home and design?

I work for the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. We are a non-profit international design organisation and our Secretariat office is located in Montreal. I'm lucky enough to deal with people from around the world and work with design and design promotion on a daily basis. My boyfriend and I moved to Montreal approximately two years ago from a very remote arctic area of Canada-Nunavut- where we met and had been working for several years. That was where we bought our first apartment and realized that we made a great team of my design decisions and his handy-work. 

I've always loved to organise and rearrange things, from my bedroom as a kid to my first apartment. I originally studied painting and then art history which I think has given me a strong foundation in colour, pattern and design. I've also been fortunate enough to have travelled extensively around the world. My parents took a year off work and took my sister and I on a trip around Asia and Europe which has fuelled my own love of travel and definitely broadened by horizons, allowing me to see some spectacular architecture and interiors worldwide. 

For this specific project, what was your most inspirational idea?

I think the most inspirational idea for our home renovation was just seeing past what the house looked like to what it COULD look like. The house is a very untraditional 1950s space that was designed by the builder for himself after he had finished building all the other houses in the neighbourhood. Everything was pink, carpeted and cramped but we could envision what the main room would look like after we removed walls and painted. We knew once we opened up the wall between the kitchen and dining room it would create a light, open space that could be very modern. 

How do you define your style?

As much as I love a restful, monochromatic space I could never live without colour and contrast. I'd say my style is mid-century-modern/industrial. I love shopping at flea markets and second hand stores. I love the thrill of the hunt and finding that special unique piece. I think it's a mix of having tight budget but also my love of the history and quality of pieces that have stood the test of time. 

Do you have a favourite piece of design?

Going back to my love of mid-century-modern my favourite designers are Charles and Ray Eames. In terms of modern design I recently had the chance to meet an amazing Brazilian designer while in Germany-Guto Requena-and thought his work was very interesting. In the interior design world I also have many favourites, Canadian designer Sarah Richardson is really my idol. 

What tips and ideas do you have to give for our readers?

Don't be afraid to try things in your own space. I was scared to paint our wall black-the first stroke was hard but I thought-you know what, it's only paint, I can always repaint it. It made such a difference in making the room feel larger. Also, never go to one place to buy all your furniture, mix it up and always have at least one vintage piece in a room. 

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