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Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a long week over here at Casa Brownie. Last week Chad found a kitten in the middle of a rainstorm stuck in between our hedge and the neighbours fence. His mom is definitely the pretty grey stray cat we see around the neighbourhood. We've always had a strict two cat policy that implies having two cats means you love cats but having more than two seems to mean you are a crazy cat lady. But how could I say no to such a cute little fur ball...

Anyhow, back to the weekend links. While I'm busy trying to entertain a five week old kitten here are some things to check out:
  1. Now that we're "crazy cat people", this diy modern pet bowl stand would at least make us look like stylish crazies.
  2. My favourite back in print decor magazine Domino, lists a great round-up of the best diy blogs.
  3. Nicole from Making it Lovely has some patio furniture recommendations that are right up my alley -hello 70s. 
  4. Not much else to say about this gorgeous pastel drawing except that it's indeed gorgeous.
  5. House and Home editor, Margot Austin is embarking on what should be a stellar condo kitchen makeover - follow her journey here.
  6. Ever wonder what other peoples dirty little housekeeping secrets are? (I rarely hang up my clothes until there's a huge pile) Design Sponge asks just that. 
  7. Master stylist Abigail Ahern, gives a lesson in creating the most impactful consoles, shelves and mantles. 
  8. Benjamin Curran seems to find the most beautiful mid-century modern furniture in Montreal and then restores it to its former glory. It's so hard not to want to buy everything! 
  9. Fellow Montreal blogger Marie-Eve Best of Lake Jane highlighted all the hard work she's been doing on her yard and garden. I can't wait until we're done and someday have a cute deck to enjoy.

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