Le Weekend

Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a while since I did a Le Weekend post but there were just so many things that sent me down an internet rabbit hole this week I had to share.

  1. Inside Closet  is a blog I stumbled on a few weeks ago and if you like French fashion and decor then be prepared to lose a few hours. Just look at this French women who casually has a handmade tree in her living room!  I love that the author describes the blog as one that shows girls who ask themselves as they're getting dressed: "What the fuck am I going to wear this morning? Yet always end up looking different, beautiful and comfortable in their own shoes."
  2. While reading a old favorite, Desire to Inspire, I came across this stunning kitchen makeover from Amy Sklar Design Inc. This kitchen was actually in her own home and I love that she resisted the urge to take down all the walls and open it up but rather make it a petite jewel box. The light fixture, the walnut counter top-all so good!
  3. From Amy's design page I clicked on her blog tab only to find out that her blog From the Reservoir is a project she started after loosing her mother to cancer."Since beginning on February 23rd 2014 it has been my goal to wear a piece of her clothing, jewelry, or an accessory that she passed on to me, for a total of 365 days (Not in a row, sorry, I am also a mother of two, a small business owner, wife and friend. I tried to do it in a row, and it almost broke me.)  I believe it is a fitting tribute to this incredible woman with the greatest sense of style I've ever known. A digital archive, a love letter, a journal, a remembrance for your children and future generations. I love you mom". I read the whole blog in almost one sitting. It is a beautiful tribute to her mom and extended family who had amazing clothes. She also does a great job of mixing vintage with modern. 
  4. I've loved Pencil and Paper Co. since seeing them in a magazine spread many years ago. I sadly was not following them on Instagram and boy was I missing out on all the sneak peeks they give. Like this kitchen in the perfect shade of grey with a vent hood that I'm keeping in mind for my next kitchen. 
  5. Well isn't this just perfect-A Guide to Wes Anderson's Paris-double hipster and I'm all over it. Messy Nessy Chic is another Parisian sharing her what she calls her "cabinet of curiosities." If you're anything like me this should give you a few hours of being a virtual tourist. 
  6. Although Apartment Therapy isn't a new find (you can see our bathroom makeover here and our Iqaluit house tour here)  this house tour reminded me why I love the simple but graphic punch of black and white. 
  7. The Kitchn, which featured our kitchen renovation here, showed off a spectacular kitchen remodel of an Eichler home. This led to me reading up on all of Karen and John's projects over on Destination Eichler ,including their  DIY concrete countertops and the Semihandmade doors on their Ikea kitchen.  
  8. In the spirit of more DIY, here's an excellent way to dress up a boring closet door
  9. Ever since we got back from Ireland, I've been craving Irish soda bread. This recipe looks worth a try.
I hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend. I'm going to try and sort through a few more pictures from our Ireland trip, maybe while making the above soda bread? 

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