Plans for the New House-Kitchen/Dining Room

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Are you sick of my countdown yet? 5 days left, just in case you are wondering. 5 days until we start tackling the popcorn ceilings, ripping out the red carpet and re-painting everything. I promise this will the last of my plans, hopefully the next update will be an actual live house tour. The last room I'm planning for is the kitchen. This one is hard because it was the room we spent the most time and money on in our last house and we really ended up loving our kitchen. The kitchen in our new house-not so much. I think I mentioned it before but it seems like this new kitchen was renovated sometime in the late 80s or early 90s and they made some strange choices. Choices that involved splurging on a sub zero fridge but then cheaping out on laminate for HALF the counter-tops. Splurging on a top of the line vent hood and then cheaping out on laminate floors. The cabinets are custom as they are all irregular sizes but sadly they are wrapped in metal edging. Here is a little more detail:
While I'd love to simply gut the kitchen and start over, that is not gonna happen. The cabinets are good quality wood and the appliances are higher end. Looks like at least for now we're going to try and do some updates to bring it out of the 90s and into this decade. I've always loved darker kitchens and since these may not be our cabinets forever it's a bit easier to take a risk and test out painting them a deep shade. I also love a patterned tile so we're going to try and find a budget way to incorporate that-either a back-splash or a linoleum tile cut into a geometric pattern. Apart from how labour intensive it is to cut all the tile (sorry Chad) it mimics an expensive cement or ceramic tile at a fraction of the cost- $300 vs. $5000. A bit of inspiration below:
Via: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Forrest green or olive green kitchens have been popping up everywhere-or maybe it's just since I got it in my head that I wanted one. This is the option I'll go with if we can change the floor. I'm thinking the green cabinets will clash terribly with the beige-y laminate floor. In this option I'd have my green cabinets, a fun geometric floor (my mom says it will make everyone feel dizzy and sick but I still love it), a neutral white back-splash thanks to the trusty cheap white subway tile and then I'd replace the damaged back laminate counter with a wood, probably throw in some brass knobs/pulls for good measure. 

Option 2 is if we decide to keep the floors as is. We're not really sure what material it is. It may be able to be re-finished to match the other floors or to something less yellow. Or... Chad may decide that he is not willing to figure out how to cut a million linoleum tiles exactly the same size. In that case we have option 2- the same floors but black cabinets to pull out the black stripe in the flooring. If budget allowed I'd get my geometric fix with some back-splash tiles, maybe use white concrete counter-tops and throw in some Lucite (acrylic) pulls. 

In the dining room portion of the kitchen/dining room Chad will be building me a very large table. I'm thinking something rustic and farmhouse style to pair with the modern Eiffel chairs we already have. I don't have a picture but the far side of the kitchen has a weird low built-in cabinet that's been spray painted to match the cabinets. That will be removed because it's proportions are all off. In it's place I'm deciding if I want a china cabinet, a buffet, some kind of open shelving, or maybe just a huge gallery wall?


So many possibilities and so much painting and scraping-wish us luck! I think I'll be taking a little break to get everything done and then get settled but don't worry I'll be back with some exciting new developments. Chad's break is definitely over!

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July 31, 2016 at 9:45 PM

Remodels are always an interesting adventure to embark on, especially when you are living in the house while doing the remodel. Watching this remodel of the 1990s kitchen has been interesting as it all unfolds and comes together. The paint color, cabinet pulls, flooring and the backsplash are particularly nice touches that really freshen up the space. A job well done!

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