Plans for the New House-Living Room Moodboard(s)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The countdown is on people...25 days left until we close on our new house! I've been keeping busy with a few fun side projects but have also set aside time to work on some inspiration, a floorplan and my painting everything black plan for the new place. This time, I've done up a few moodboards to help me decide what direction the living room should go in. To recap, here were some of my inspiration images:
via 1/2/3/4/5/6
Yes, my inspiration seems a bit bi-polar. I have to admit it's always harder for me to design my own place. I love so many different styles and colours that one day I want neutral and another day I want colour everywhere. What does help is that, due to budget constraints, I have to keep the larger furniture pieces and rugs we already have. I'd love to reupholster my vintage tub chairs but as I mentioned in an earlier post-that's not gonna be cheap. 

I ended up creating three moodboards to show three different living room styles- from what I'd have if I used mostly everything I already own, to what I'd do if I could re-do a bunch of things. The elements that stay the same are my inherited vintage white sofa, the overhead light fixture Chad is in the process of making (in addition to the large scale one I've asked him to make for the family room/open hall area) my marble and wood coffee table, and my buffet and metal wall art.  

Here is my tentative floorplan to get an idea of where the living room is. I'm focusing on the new living room (former dining room) for now. 


This first option uses a majority of items we already have (with a few new additions). The vintage white sofa and chair I inherited from my grandparents. The camel chair is a purchase from the Brimfield Antique Show I made us drag all the way home at the same time as the bingo sign. All of this furniture was residing in our basement at the old house because the large black leather sectional couldn't fit down the stairs. I'm excited to have it see the light of day. The rug is my old standby Ikea and the white side table I already have from Target. I figure I can create some similar artwork and then would only be purchasing a few new items like the sconces, side table and pillow. I'm kicking myself that we gave away two mid-century side table before we moved but I'm fairly certain I can find something secondhand. I'm surprised by how much I like this neutral room.


This option was the one I had been leaning towards the most in my head. After seeing the number 6 inspiration photo from Jessica Helgerson, I wanted to recreate the pink on pink room. I think it stops just short of being overly saccharin due to all the black accents. I also obviously love a black accent wall and have always wanted to add wainscoting. Both this option and the one below involve me reupholstering the tub chairs. These were/are my top two colour choices for the chairs-either a pink or blue velvet. I love all the saturated colour in this room and that overdyed rug is a thing of dreams. 


Option three to me feels like a mix of both other options. Still some pops of colour but also calming and neutral. The blue velvet was, or still is, a top re-upholstery choice. This room also includes a beautiful beni ourain rug- which is modern but classic. I also added in the DUO wall paneling I saw at the CHEO dream home.  I love how both the rug and wall add pattern and interest without being too loud. This option also calls for a whole bunch of new throw pillows (sorry Chad!) so it would obviously be a "down the road" option. 

It looks as though some variation of option one will be what I start out with. Which one is your favourite option 1, 2, or 3? Do you ever plan out your decorating in phases?

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