Our New Apartment

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When we found out we were moving, the first thing I did was start looking at apartments-obviously! We had the possibility of living in Montreal or Toronto. Don't get me wrong Toronto, I don't hate you but I lived there while going to University and it's just not Montreal. Montreal always feels like I'm living in a foreign city (probably due to my less than passable French). It's old and charming and full of character-which is just what I wanted in an apartment.

We had a weekend to find a place and it was probably the worst weekend to do so- Labour Day long weekend. Right before all the university students descend on the city and snatch up all the cheap, nice places. I was scouring the usual suspects online and not coming up with much. Any decent ones I called about had already been taken. When I saw the listing for our place pop out of nowhere, I pounced. We were the first people to visit and as soon as I walked in I new that I wanted it.  It checked most of our boxes: laundry and a dishwasher (non-negotiable since once you have both it's hard to go back to carrying your laundry and fighting over who will wash dishes), 2 bedrooms a balcony or backyard space and charm. The exposed brick walls and huge back garden really sold me. Here are some of the pictures Chad took right after we got the keys (excuse the mess).

Open living room/dining room
Hallway towards kitchen (bathroom off to side)
The kitchen-love the floors, not the red (or the 70s appliances)
Bedroom (with large wall of closets-a real score in Montreal)
Backyard with deck- all our BBQ dreams from Iqaluit fulfilled
My Dad walking the cat
The cat that freezes and falls over as soon as her leash is on
Sorry- I had to find a way to post a photo of my Dad (the cat hater) walking the cats in the backyard and a photo of how much one of the cats loved it. These pictures make me wish it was summer again, right now our backyard has snow up to the door. 

One of the first things I did after moving all our furniture in was paint the kitchen. I also did some work in the bathroom. There are no pictures of the before but as renters there wasn't much we could do. If we had owned it, it probably would have been the first thing to be gutted. So now let the DIYs begin.

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