Iqaluit Condo After-Part 3

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We are now the proud owner of a cat with diabetes. We couldn't bring ourselves to put him down so now we are those crazy people that give their cat insulin and dress them in baby clothes (I swear we only do one of those things).

Anyhow.....back to the final instalment of our Iqaluit condo. Just when we thought we were done Chad found a solution to our hideous countertop issues. Since equally ugly laminate was our only previous choice I decided to hear him out. Not even really hear him out because at that point I think he had already ordered the tile online. We went with a white hexagon tile and a black trim tile. We simply ripped out the old countertop, secured plywood sheets cut to size, then glued and grouted the tile. Chad did most of the cutting on a tile saw we rigged up and I helped to to push the tiny tiles through. I was also the grout cleaner-upper and assistant. If you've ever cleaned grout you'll know how much fun that was. Chad also spent a lot of time pretending he was surgeon and I had to hand him instruments-stat!

The original green countertop
After tiling before grouting
The finished product
After finishing the bathroom(s) we tiled the kitchen countertop. I had already done a green backsplash to match the green countertops but once we redid the counter the green really looked hideous. We thought it would be easy to just rip down the old tiles since they had been an inexpensive ebay purchase and replace them with new white subway tile (like in the bathroom). They ended up taking down all the drywall with them. We (Chad) had to replace (cut, tape, mud-whatever else is involved in drywalling) it all before we started re-tiling. I don't think he was too excited about this but I think the end result made it worth it.

The kitchen after we moved in
The 'intermediate' kitchen
The finished kitchen

After all the tiling I also decided to repaint the kitchen and hallway from the bright green to a more classic grey. This also lead to painting the living room from beige to a very pale grey. That's it for our Iqaluit condo- I promise. Now it's time to move on to your new apartment in Montreal. Even though we're renters now I've still had (and have) plenty of projects in the works- like covering up our space pod shower.

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