New Apartment-Kitchen Tour

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nothing like a good before and after. There wasn't really much to do in the kitchen. It's a rental so we aren't going to start ripping anything out (despite how much I'd love to) and there isn't anything that is really horrible-except the red paint that made the kitchen feel like it was right out of the 80s. 

I can't believe how much better the kitchen looks with just a coat of grey paint. See, I'll say it again- paint it grey (or gray, wherever you are). The cabinets are well-made solid wood, I like the glass fronts and knobs but if I owned this apartment I would : ( I've obviously thought about this)
  • replace the countertops- they are black laminate and have seen better days
  • replace the oven and cook top from the late 70s
  • install a backsplash
  • replace the ugly track lighting
  • get a new sink and faucet
  • consider replacing the floors-while I like the black and white tile it shows every speak of dirt

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