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Monday, April 1, 2013

Well hello there. I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I loved that Montreal had Friday AND Monday off and that it finally feels a little bit like Spring.  In other exciting news, I got the wall sconces I ordered and I also got a new rug. 

The word sconce is strange, isn't it? I guess you could just say wall light but sconce sounds 'fancier', like chandelier instead of ceiling light. Just like how sometimes Chad and I call each other by our initials so it sounds extra pretentious, "Oh C.E.Z (but you have to draw it out like Chhheeezzzzz) please pass the salt."

Normally you think of wall sconces for the bathroom or for flanking a fireplace. Some people put them in random spots on the wall (ahem landlords) but they are also a really great option if you don't have room for bedside lamps.

Amber Interior Design
Emily Henderson
Jenny Komenda
From the Right Bank
I took some pictures on Friday but I figured I would draw it out and first show you the long torturous process that was choosing the sconces and rug. I'm picky and I'm cheap. The sconces also had to have a back plate to cover the electric boxes.

The two wall lights weren't really that bad. I mean they could have been the dreaded 'boob light'.

But they were more like this:
Not bad but not great. In our old condo I had replaced all of the 'boob lights' with industrial outdoor lighting from Amazon.com. 

Amazon.com $19.59 each 
At only $20 each it was fairly economical to replace four. If you are looking for 'Industrial Style' lighting do an Amazon search for Barn Light and you'll be amazed at the reasonably priced options you find. I found almost exactly the same light (above) on Barn House Electric for almost SEVEN times the price. Instead of an outdoor light it is called a 'rustic wall sconce'.

Barn Light Electric $135.00 each

It also comes in a bunch of cute colours but it would be easy to spray paint the first option. How great would that look in a retro black & white bathroom or a nautical bathroom?

Barn Light Electric $135.00 each
Tineke Triggs Interior Design
So while I loved my outdoor industrial rustic scone, I wanted to try something different this time. If my budget was unlimited I would have picked a Serge Mouille sconce. I'm not sure who has a budget of $5000 for a wall sconce but they sure are beautiful.

Peter Margonelli via DesiretoInspire
Serge Mouille
Back to reality and here are some other options I considered:

Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware
School House Electric
Robert Abbey

Barn Light Electric
Jonathan Adler
In the end I picked these sconces from One Forty Three. Not only are they 'industrial rustic' but they are also well priced, handmade and have a back plate that covers the electrical box. 

Well, that wasn't too torturous, was it? Now I just need some more wall space for more sconces. Up next the rug choices and then the final product.

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April 2, 2013 at 10:08 AM

I hate to burst your bubble but honestly nobody really cares about either wall sconces or rugs. Moroccan handira wedding blankets - now that's something people can really get excited about. Anything on that?

September 9, 2013 at 1:09 AM

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