My Parent's Kitchen-Before & After

Monday, May 5, 2014

My parent's were really a godsend for most of our renovation. Except maybe that time my Dad and I were both "helping" Chad install cabinets but really just questioning his every decision with no real background knowledge of our own. Poor Chad, I remember finally turning to him and saying, "aren't you glad there are two of us Browns' here to help?" My Mom swooped in and cleaned our house top to bottom at the very point where I thought I was going to loose my sh$#^%#$. I already told you how thankful I was for my Dad removing all of the carpet staples in the stairs but they also stayed at our house over Christmas, while we visited Chad's parents, to finish painting all of the hallways (which we promptly wallpapered over, at least downstairs). So I do really owe them another thank you. What better way then to help them renovate their own kitchen.

While their initial kitchen wasn't horrible, it was at least all white, it was a very basic builder grade laminate special. After they saw how great *wink wink* our Ikea kitchen looked they realized that they could get a new kitchen for a lot less than they had thought. While they knew they were up for a reno, they each had a different idea of what would make the perfect kitchen. My Dad wanted an ultra-modern sleek industrial kitchen, with touches of wood and concrete and most importantly a fridge with an ice-maker. My Mom, on the other hand, wanted something more traditional, neutral and sophisticated preferably without a giant fridge. Here was some of their inspiration:
1, 2, 3, 4
My Dad worked on the initial Ikea layout and then Chad helped him tweak it a bit. I also took them shopping here in Montreal for all the stone. After some back and forth, they decided to go with sleek, modern, glossy white cabinets and a grey quartz counter top that looks like concrete but without the expense or maintenance. My Dad got his fridge and my Mom got her stunning back-splash tile. I think in the end their kitchen is a great example of compromise without sacrificing style.

I think the two things that made the biggest impact are the new ceiling height cabinets and the removal of the bar ledge behind the sink. It really took the kitchen from 80's laminate to sleek and modern. My other favorite detail is the back splash. While it was a bit of splurge it really adds a lot of texture and interest and even has a bit of sparkle that shines when the under-mount lighting is on.

Here is all the source and styling information in case you're interested:

Cabinets: Ikea
Counter top: Quartz
Backsplash tile: Ciot
Appliances: Kenmore Elite
Faucet: KWC Systema
Sink: Franke
Accessories: Vase, small bowls, kitchen towels-Maxi & Cie Grocery Store
Fruit bowl-Target
Wooden cutting board and bowl-Winners

Thanks again Mom and Dad for all your help and for letting me work with you in designing your kitchen. Chad and I will be over next weekend so you can cook us something.

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May 7, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Well Sarah, I have to admit that when you informed us of your "standard" $10 000 consulting fee I was somewhat taken aback. But now that the project is completed I can honestly say you were worth every penny. I only wish we had the finances to collaborate on another reno but, as you know, we only had the one other daughter to sell into slavery. You're a true genius and richly deserve whatever accolades and fame you garner in the future.

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