Art Under $100

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Friday everyone and happy long weekend to all of us Canadians celebrating Thanksgiving! Instead of a 'Le Weekend' post I've got an 'Art Under $100' because frankly I've been thinking a lot about gallery walls and what makes them special.

Now there is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly symmetrical gallery wall of matching black and white prints but I love things to be a little imperfect. I love the mix and the contrast, so my favourite gallery walls include not only paintings, prints and photographs but also something unexpected like a wire sculpture, a set of antlers, a mask or a carving.

As you can see from the examples above you don't have to go crazy and you don't even have to hang the pieces on the wall. The second photo down showcases objects placed in front of artwork to give the impression of a layered arrangement. So have fun, play around and don't think you just have to hang framed artwork on your wall. If you have a favourite memento, by all means add it in. If you don't happen to have something, I've rounded up a few pieces to help add that something special to your gallery wall.

  1. Painting wood relief
  2. Spiral paper sculptures
  3. Horseshoe
  4. Woven wall hanging
  5. Wooden bear mask
  6. Vintage metal Russian sign
  7. Woven African basket
  8. Metal eagle
  9. Mounted antlers
  10. Taxidermy butterflies
  11. White juju hat
  12. Vintage metal letter
  13. White ceramic wall sculptures
  14. Cubist wooden sculpture
  15. Wire portrait
  16. Vintage metal bird sculpture
  17. Metal diamond sculpture
  18. White pottery medallion
  19. Blue handmade plate
  20. Pink Rhino bust
  21. Driftwood tree slice sculpture

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