My Thanksgiving Table

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sorry for the brief absence over here. I was busy recovering from my food coma all week because it was Thanksgiving! I know I'm confusing any Americans reading but we have our Canadian Thanksgiving way before Christmas. This gives us time to forget about how much we all ate at the last meal and really enjoy overeating. Anyway, here is my Thanksgiving table FOR REAL this time! My beautiful sister is visiting from Costa Rica and she came over to spend the day listening to me agonizing over decorating decisions and floral arrangements and also to cut up all the potatoes- so Chad was pretty happy. We also have enough cut up potatoes to last us a century, but it's the thought that counts-love ya sister!

I took some pictures of the 'adult' table before my parents brought over the extra card table for us 'kids'. We also had to have a few people eat on the couch but it was cozy. I didn't do a super formal setting and I tried to keep the table open for conversation and second helpings.

I loved the chance to use some new to me vintage pieces like the plates and glasses as well as the placemats and napkins I scored on clearance at Home Outfitters. In case you're prepping for your Thanksgiving or just looking for an excuse to have a fancy dinner for two, click on the words below for links to my table decor:

Table Cloth/ Large Burlap Runner/ Smaller Burlap Runner/ Placemats/ Napkins/ Plates (vintage)/ Cutlery/ Wine Glasses/ Water Glasses (vintage)/ Candle Holders (vintage)/ Vase/ Salt & Pepper Shakers (similar)

Oh yes and happy Friday everyone!

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