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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Now that we're all in the Christmas spirit, have our Christmas themes and places decorated (I promise to have some pictures next week) let's dive right into gift guides. I decided to let Chad give you guys a round-up of the best Christmas gifts for the men in your life. This means this is a guide to the things Chad already has because he likes to "treat himself" and is therefore notoriously hard to buy for. On the plus side this means that these already have the 'Chad seal of approval' so you know they are going to be loved. Okay, take it away Chad:

Sarah thinks I have some kind of special insight as to what men want for Christmas. I don’t. So instead I’m pretty much gonna just write about stuff that I already have and like or stuff that I would like for Christmas. Maybe your dude likes some of the same stuff? Maybe.

Chances are your guy has dabbled in guitar in his life. Seriously, any group of 5 or more guys has someone who can stumble his way through a few Nirvana or Red Hot Chili Peppers songs.

  1. I just recently starting getting back into playing guitar after taking a 5 year break. I can’t believe how cheap guitars and guitar accessories have gotten. Check this guitar out. Can you believe it? $159 for a pretty awesome looking electric guitar. Plus if you’re American it’s free shipping! If you’re Canadian you might be thinking, “But Chad, these guitars don’t ship to Canada. This tip is useless!” To which I reply, “Nay, nay. If you’re one of the 90% of Canadians who live within 100 miles of the border (or whatever) you can use the services of a US package receiving company. For a very small fee, a company like Kinek will give you a US address that you can ship stuff to. Then just cross the border and pick it up. Problem solved!” If you are European or otherwise not in North America, I sympathise. These Americans are totally spoiled with all the good prices on stuff.
  2. Then, if you get him a guitar, he’s gonna need an amp. How else is your mid-20s to early-30s dude going to start a garage band with his stupid drunken friends without one? The absolute best deal is on at Monoprice right now. They have actual 5-watt tube amps for $124 (plus shipping). This is a phenomenal price for a tube amp. I was looking into buying parts to build a tube amp and parts alone came to over $300. I don’t know how they do it and I don’t care. I want one. If you don’t know anything about amps, tube amps are the best – although they have software things that model different amps that are apparently getting quite good. I don’t know anything about those though, so you’re on your own. (Note: Monoprice’s website says they are out of stock until January)
  3. Is your guy into Formula One or Nascar or auto racing in general? If so, does he have a PC or Mac that is good enough to run video games? Then iRacing. It is a true driving ‘simulator’ – one crash and your car is toast. You can practice on your own, but races are held only against other humans from across the world at preset times. Apparently professional racers use it as a training aid. The racing wheel and pedal set is $150-ish and 
  4. the yearlysubscription fee for iRacing is $99. Super fun though and ladies love listening to the sound of engines revving for hours on end, I think. I may be mistaken about that one.
  5. How about a DIY beer making kit? These are pretty inexpensive and make actually really good beer. One kit that makes 5 gallons of beer costs $25-40. That way you can save money, stink up the house for an afternoon, do something that’s part science and part cooking AND get drunk on something you made yourself! It’s a win-win-win-win situation!
  6. If he likes reading and doesn’t have a Kindle Paperwhite then you should get him one. This thing has changed my life. It’s exactly like a regular Kindle with one important difference: the screen lights up so you don’t need the room lights or a reading lamp! The battery will still last a week or two or more; but you can read in bed beside your gf who seems to go to sleep at 9pm without disturbing her. It’s almost like it’s a present for yourself, really.
  7. And speaking of presents for yourself, you can get yourself some skimpy underwears and tell us that’s your present to us. That tooooooooootally works too. This cat sweatshirt is amazing and particularly relevant as I talk to anyone who will listen about my cats. 
  8. Just in case you want an apron like Chad's you can get one here

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November 26, 2014 at 10:37 AM

Am I missing the link for the cat sweatshirt? Because, that's awesome.

November 26, 2014 at 3:39 PM

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for catching that-in my Christmas excitement I completely forgot. I just added it but it's from:

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