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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Obviously, the majority of my gift giving is to myself. This is why Christmas shopping is so dangerous. So many things I want, so few holidays for people to give presents to me. I know it may be too late to order some things off Etsy but I'm sure these beautiful vintage and handmade gifts will be the better late than never kind. I've rounded up a few of my favourite things to decorate my your home or the home of someone you kinda like love. For all the links see my Etsy treasury here.

Here are some reasons why all these things would be awesome gifts (starting from the top left):

Amethyst crystal candle holder- These are sparkly and would obviously cast an incredible glow with candles in them. Jewelry for your table. 

Vintage Map-This is a great price for a large vintage map. It would be easy to give as a gift because it would blend into any decor and frankly, because it's cool.

Whale Tissue Holder- Anyone who knows me knows I use a lot of kleenex (goddamn allergies). Kleenex boxes are ugly and boring. I think this solves that problem nicely.

Porcelain Herringbone Salt Cellar in Black-You can never have too many little containers. This is suppose to be a salt cellar but don't worry, I won't tell anyone if you use it for something else because you're not sure you need a salt cellar. 
Fringy, Quirky, Blingy Wall Hanging has Emo Attitude-Well, this is what the Etsy seller has titled this piece of art and who am I to argue. Get this for your hipster friend. Or for yourself because it is a beautiful colour palette (and yes, you're probably a hipster too).
3 Droplet Vases- Just like containers, one can never have too many vases. These are delicate yet they also look like they are made of concrete. When you buy three you have an instant vignette. I mean your loved one has an instant vignette. 
Charcoal Pillow Cover-I sense a theme. You can also never have too many pillows. Your friend and your friend's husband will agree.

Crater Lake Print- It's hard to buy art for someone else. So just buy this for me, or for yourself. Just kidding, small art pieces are easy to incorporate into your existing decor and this print would look great mounted in a shadow box.

Ceramic Skull Planter- Ever since Halloween I feel like I need more skulls in my life and who can resist one that doubles as a planter.

Turkish Kilim Rug-I think you would have to really love someone to buy them this, so Chad if you're reading-hint hint.

Small Striped Vase-I don't think this needs an explanation. It's a vase and it's striped.

Alabaster Bust-I've been on the lookout for bust for a long time (insert whatever joke you want here). These are the kind of things that are great on a bookshelf, or to hang your jewelry on or to fill out a vignette. Plus it will make your friends think you finally appreciate how cultured they are if you give it as a gift.

2 Moroccan Poufs-You get two poufs here. This means you can keep one and give one. It can be like BFF necklaces for adults.

Vintage Collection of 6 Turquoise Books-Books are the best decor item. I guess they are also good for reading but that is not their main purpose. Add these to your coffee table or use them to add height to yet another vignette.

Vintage Lady/Tiny Canvas Print- This tiny painting would fit right into a gallery wall or make a statement on wall alone because of it's unexpected size.

Hand Carved Bronze Folding Screen- I've said it before but a folding screen can be a room divider, or a headboard or something to fill an awkward corner. This is not cheap but it sure is beautiful.

Okay, so hurry online and buy all these things up so I'm no longer tempted. I'm off to finally finish up my Christmas decor and take some pictures to share with you next week!

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