Mid-Century Modern Man Cave

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Remember when I talked about finally renovating the basement here? Well, that hasn't happened. Maybe it's a good thing we haven't gotten started because a little while ago, I was asked by Man Crates to be part of their 'Man Cave Makeover' campaign. Man Crates say they deliver "awesome gifts for men" and one look at their site and I had to agree. I mean , guys, they have a whole section for Zombie Preparedness! I think it's safe to say Chad's Christmas present is checked off my list.

This was the perfect time to re-think my idea for the basement a.k.a. Chad's man cave. With a little refinement it's gone from simply 'Replacement Basement' to 'Mid-Century Modern Man Cave'.

Source: Sofa/ ChairsCoffee TableSide Table/ RugCredenza/ Record playerCeramic HandPrintWall Art/ Screen/ LampChandelier /Pendants/ Foot stool/ Bar & bar stools

I know when I think man cave I picture a dark room with an ugly recliner or left-over couch that has seen better days, sports paraphernalia and maybe if you're lucky a mini-fridge. I honestly don't think the men who get these man caves choose this decor on purpose. I think it's just another room that is not a priority and so never gets any special attention.

The man cave I envisioned is a perfect mid-century modern gentleman's room.We all know the men in our life have a little 'Don Draper' in them and could use a room to let loose the sophisticated, whiskey drinking 'Mad Men'. I feel like this room will be a place friends will be dying to hang out in and the opposite sex won't be scared to venture into -only if invited, don't worry boys. This would be the ideal space to enjoy the personalized Whiskey Crate (Chad's Finest Quality Distilled Spirits) while listening to a record or jamming out on a vintage guitar.

Here are a few tips to help you create your own Mid-Century Modern man cave, or really any man cave that isn't a scary, dark cave.

  • A comfortable couch doesn't have to be a boring couch. This is a room that's a great chance to take a risk on a fun colour and a masculine couch doesn't just have to be leather.
  • A cowhide rug is stain repellent and super durable.
  • Have lots of seating options that can be moved around easily- who doesn't want to cozy up to the bar!
  • Have multiple light sources so you can change the mood and create an atmosphere dependent on your needs. Just having drinks? Bar pendant lights on. Practicing guitar? Turn them all on to get it right.
  • Create zones in the space. Try using a room divider to hide anything you don't want to see and be sure to create space for your favourite activities.
  • Personalize the room with artwork. I used vintage advertisements but this could be the time to bring in a sports reference if you must, just make sure to have it framed properly (that means no tape or staples). 
  • Add a few details to finish off the room. Don't worry, I don't mean adding a million throw pillows - just one or two. If you have a collection or a few pieces that 'someone' won't let you display elsewhere, now's your chance.
What do you think? Are you ready to tackle giving your man cave a makeover to turn it into a space everyone wants to hang out in? Thanks to Man Crates for inviting me to take part and seriously go check out the site to check off a few gifts for that special someone who will appreciate using a crowbar to pry open their present.

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