Beachside Apartment Makeover II

Monday, April 20, 2015

When we last checked in on our Beachside Apartment Makeover I promised a mood board, furniture layout and a source list...well it took some time but I think it was worth it. Just in case you missed it, the first post HERE outlined what we were working with: a bare bones apartment near the ocean in San Diego that was off to a great start but just needed some cozy-ing up. Here was the living/dining room before:

Of course I couldn't just do one option, not with all the great online resources those of you in the US have. Here are two options so my lucky beachside couple can pick the one they think will best fit them.

OPTION ONE: Boho Surf Meets Mid-Century Modern

In this option I added all the important finishing pieces: a rug, drapes, pillows, artwork and accessories for what I'm calling a laid-back boho surf meets mid-century modern room. I found this amazing rug on ebay and used it to pull out all the colours in the room. I added some additional furniture pieces for storage and for seating and of course used her stunning beach photos for personal, completely on-trend, artwork. I've mentioned it before but it's super important to hang your artwork at the right height. You'll notice in the before pictures that the art is a bit small and hung too high for the space.

I've also gone ahead and added a mantle surround for the fireplace. Now, this isn't something they have to do-especially since it's a rental, but for a few hundred dollars (or even cheaper if you can find an antique or second-hand one) you completely transform all that orange brick and give yourself additional display space.

OPTION TWO: The New Coastal Casual

As in Option One this moodboard is all about the key finishing touches. This time I went with a more neutral rug and then let the drapes and cushions add the pattern and interest. This feels fresh and modern and layered but not overwhelming. The rug and drapes were a steal from Target (R.I.P. Target Canada) and then the chair was a splurge.

With both these options, the moodboard can be a starting point for the style of the room and then certain pieces can be swapped out for vintages or second hand ones. This couple mentioned they wanted to try and shop some of the room at antique stores or flea markets and it is totally possible. Here are my suggestions for things to look for:

  • Chairs- it's easy to find great mid-century modern chairs that may need to be recovered but have great bones. Reupholstering isn't cheap but you'll have a solid chair in exactly the fabric/colour you want for potentially less then new
  • Sideboards and Dressers-the small cabinet and media console above are from Ikea and Westelm but could easily be sourced vintage or second-hand. A less then perfect piece can easily be painted and will almost always be less money and better quality then new.
  • Books and vases-load up on accessories at flea markets. A pile of books can be used as a stand to display items or used on it's own to fill shelves or tabletops.
  • I've found it hard to get the right size rug vintage or second hand but Oriental or Persian rugs are often cheaper on ebay or craigslist so keep an eye out.
Drapes, lamps, throws, sidetables, pillows- I've always had better luck buying new or handmade on sites like Etsy. 

FLOORPLAN: When you receive an e-design I always include a floorplan so you get a sense of exactly where everything should go.

SOURCE LIST: This is pretty straight forward. If you decide not to go the vintage/second-hand route I have a list of everything you need to make your room look just like the moodboard.

So what do you think? Which option would you go with-Boho Surf Meets Mid-Century Modern or The New Coastal Casual? I can't wait to see what they pick and if there is anything they want to change I'm always happy to do one free revision. If you're interested in getting your own e-design done send me an email here and we can get started right away.

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