Back from the Dead

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Well hello there. I'm finally getting over a cold/flu and feeling like I'm a hundred and I have a post about my bathroom. These things are not related- I'm not that gross. Since I felt like I was dying, I didn't have time to take picture of the new apartment in the light of day. I did have time to take pictures of the bathroom before I came down with what felt like 'Spanish Flu' (I've obviously managed to watch every Season of Downton Abbey and don't know why I was so late to that party).

When we were touring the apartment the first time, the owners were very proud of their 'renovated' bathroom. I don't have any before pictures but I know when you see the 'after' you're going to be scratching your head asking 'Sarah, how can you call salvaging a beige toilet and sink and having a space pod 70s shower, renovating?' EXACTLY.... I had never seen a shower pod before. It's like a time machine. It has a light inside it! There is also a red heat lamp in the bathroom. If you turn off the other lights and get into the shower with it on you really do feel like you could time travel.

I thought I may be able to live with this but it only took a week or so to realize I could not look at that pod every day. I needed to cover it up. My plan involved hanging curtains in front of it like a giant shower curtain panel so I would never need to see it. I think it's worked out pretty well. The curtains are from Ikea

The only other thing that I did was paint. The bathroom was originally white and it only served to highlight the beige fixtures and how orange the floor tiles are. I picked a pale grey/blue and I think it really downplayed both elements. 

The only things I didn't really mind were the brass toilet paper roll holder and towel hanger. I just need to get some grey striped Turkish bath towels to hang there. I also used my Grandmother's gold artwork to tie into the brass. Although it's not the renovated bathroom of my dreams, I think it's a pretty good use of what we have and I can still pretend I'm in a space pod.

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