New Apartment-Living/Dining Room Tour

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chad is on a work trip to San Antonio, Texas (I'm so jealous of the warm weather!) so I finally had a chance to tidy up and take pictures while it was still light out. The living and dining room is one nice open space and was really a blank canvas with beautiful pine floors and an exposed brick wall to start with. There weren't too many constraints and sometimes that can be overwhelming. I was working with some parameters though. As anyone with children or messy partners or pets knows you can't exactly have what my mom and I call our "girl apartment'. The apartment you sometimes fantasize about that's all white with a fluffy white rug, a tiny fabric settee, florals and pink everywhere. Whenever my mom and I are shopping and we see something that falls into that category we chime in "girl apartment'.  I knew from experience that we needed everything to be durable and we needed room to both lie out on the couch and watch movies.

The leather couch was actually bought off ebay- I'm serious- it was a bit of a leap of faith that it would arrive in one piece, not feel like cheap plastic and not fall apart. I've had absolutely no issues with at all (so far). The customer service was excellent, it was packaged very well and is real leather. It also hasn't collapsed which is excellent considering the price I paid for it. 

The metal starburst is one of my favourite things. It was my grandparents and had been at their cottage. I'd always admired it and when the cottage was sold it was one of the pieces that I requested. The drapes were made by Chad with Ikea fabric. Who knew Chad could sew? I was planning on asking my mom to help me, or bring the fabric to someone to make them but Chad being the Jack-of-all-trades he is, managed to do an amazing job. The pillows are from Ikea, HomeSense, Target and West Elm. The turquoise lamp is also from Target. The side tables are from Ikea and EQ3. Our bookcase and the cowhide rug are both from Ikea. The cowhide rug is also great for anyone who always seems to stain their rug- it is impossible to destroy.

The coffee table was an estate sale find that Chad was adamantly against. It did look rather 'grammie' in situ at the estate sale. I knew once it was not surrounded by floral sofas and pink carpets it would read more mid-century modern and classic. 

The dining room table is also another piece that is nearly indestructible, you can only really add to the patina of a rustic wood table. I got it at a floor model sale from Van Leeuwen in Ottawa. The chairs are from Ikea and Home Outfitters. The vintage bus roll sign was a birthday present to Chad from etsy (Chad often gets artwork that I want for his birthday, just like I always seem to get appliances). The buffet is a dresser I got off Craigslist and painted. The mirror was from St Michel Flea Market here in Montreal. The seltzer bottle, ice bucket, yellow vase, brass candle holders and decanter were all from an estate sale at the end of my street. The former owner was obviously a hoarder as the place was  packed floor to ceiling with things and there was only a small path to walk through the house. I somehow managed to be very restrained any not buy too much. The globe light fixture was from Structube. I'd still like to replace the sconces beside the mirror-I'm thinking up a DIY-and maybe get a rug for under the dining table. 

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