Bad Week

Sunday, January 13, 2013

This past week has been kind of shitty. My grandmother, Mary Ross Dunsmore, passed away. Returning from her funeral we also found out we may have to put one of our cats down. My grandma  would have hated that I just used a swear word but it really was not the best week.
She was 91 years old and one of the sweetest, kindest women I knew. She was a talented seamstress, knitter, baker and golfer.  My sister and I use to spend many weekends at my grandparent's house and she was happy to let us invade her closet and makeup. Letting us try on all her beautiful dresses, hats and jewellery. Letting us put make-up on ourselves and all over her. We would watch fascinated as she but her bedtime curlers in, then we would all pile into her bed, sing a round of 'Found a Peanut', then she would fall asleep while we made fun of her snoring. She always made us blueberry pancakes in the morning. She always made us feel loved and I'm grateful for the time we had with her.

My grandparents on a date

Looking stylish in front of their new house

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