Iqaluit Condo After-Part 2

Monday, January 7, 2013

The funny thing about painting is that once you decide to paint one room the other one suddenly looks worse-at least that's how it always works for me. Or,you are perhaps not the greatest painter of walls (despite your art degree) and you manage to inadvertently paint a wall you didn't intend too therefore making it necessary to painting everything. The condo started out the same builder beige a lot of places are. Someone had come in and sprayed every last inch, even the baseboards and trim were beige. I hate beige. It started with the staircase after moving furniture and scuffing a wall. There was no paint left over in the house and my attempt to match it failed. So what started out a 'why not paint that one wall grey' ended in almost every room being painted.

After seeing quite a few tutorials online like Kathleen's and 4men1lady's we (again I mean Chad) decided to give it a shot. Chad did all the measuring and taping and I did all the painting. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be (probably because I didn't do the measuring and taping) and I really loved the end result.

We also changed out all the 'boob lights' with industrial outdoor lighting I found off I think they were maybe $20 each. You see similar light fixtures sold as indoor lighting in specialty lighting stores for hundreds of dollars. The vintage dry cleaning sign was from Etsy.

Lastly our bedroom. I already had one lime green bedside table and then used the leftover paint from the dining room table to paint the other one. Pretty good match if I do say so myself. The lamps were vintage from ebay and the wall hanging was something I purchased while on vacation in Mexico.

So that's it for our first round of renovations. Round two we tackled the countertops, changed the kitchen backsplash and repainted the main level. 

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