Le Weekend

Saturday, March 22, 2014

As promised, I'm going to keep the posts coming. There is nothing I love more than enjoying a cup of coffee (or let's be honest, several cups of coffee) and reading the "interwebs" (as Chad calls it) on the weekend.  Here are a few links I loved this week:

  1. Manhattan Nest started on his bathroom renovation, and what a back story it has. This makes me really eager to begin updating ours-minus finding all the surprises. 
  2. How to plant a succulent garden without making a huge mess, Orlando, shows us how. 
  3. This D.I.Y. lamp is beautiful
  4. I'm trying to learn how to use Photoshop and found this tutorial really helpful. 
  5. Can't wait to go see The Grand Budapest Hotel this afternoon. This review sealed the deal. 
  6. What a pretty moodboard from 7th House on the Left -summer surfing sign me up. 
  7. Lord knows I love me some wallpaper. If I was rich these would all be contenders.
  8. Such an amazing kitchen renovation-maybe for our next house!
  9. Finally, you have to go see Colleen's blog ARCTICdeco. Not only does it makes me miss Nunavut but you should see all the creative projects she gets up to. Her review of the Nest may just be enough to persuade Chad! 

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