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Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'd read about this super secret Montreal vintage store before while doing random internet searches but had felt lazy about heading out to an inconspicuous store housed in well, a house, only open for very limited hours a few days a week. It was on my list to "someday" make an effort to go find. When a friend was heading back there to pick up BAGS of clothing she had bought, I knew it was the perfect time to check it out. She promised the owner, Jill, would be lovely- offering customers tea, cookies and a chat all while selling the kind of vintage you just can't seem to find anymore. I was not disappointed.

Jill's mother Ann Silverstone started the store in the residential neighbourhood of Parc Extension over 50 years ago. In one yelp review , Risa D. explains:

 Because the secret of the Little Shop is this: it's the private, professional renters that are it's original appointment-only clientele. The Cirque du Soleil comes here to rent costumes and set dressings, the McCord and other museums borrow from here to fill out exhibits, the Spiderwick Chronicles created rich fantasy worlds out of the goods hidden in the Little Shop. And they are often hidden: apparently props people are notorious for hiding their finds amidst the dusty bounty... and the staff laugh tolerantly when they find a room that's been tossed, as they begin the Sysiphian work of re-establishing order.

If that alone doesn't make you want to visit then I don't know what will. While this kind of digging isn't for everyone, if you want to find very reasonably priced vintage that isn't merely second-hand H&M, set aside a few hours to browse through the rooms of jewelry, fabric, dresses, coats, paintings and knick-knacks. 

The shop is actually housed in a duplex and every room is filled with stuff- yes even the bathroom! 

The lovely Roisin displaying some finds that I had a hard time walking way from - that cream skirt suit was amazing in person.

The basement is full of fur coats, hat boxes and shoes

The second half of the store - through the blue exterior door - is filled with homewares, art, fabrics and wedding dresses. This is the side of the store that I could have happily lived in for a few days.

The chenille bedspread (above) was a gorgeous mix of pink, grey and burgundy and the pink bed-skirt (below) was just so happy and fun. Both would both be perfect in girly-retro bedroom.

This large textile would be spot-on as a seat cover for your sofa or folded at the end of the bed to add a layered, boho look.

The details on this wedding dress were so beautiful

This was actually a complete set of china with an amazingly delicate landscape scene on it.

If you are ever in Montreal, I highly recommend visiting for the vintage and the tea- The Little Shop, 1002 Ogilvy (corner Birnam), Montreal, No telephone but they do respond to inquiries via Twitter Open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm.

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October 8, 2014 at 10:18 AM

I dunno if these two horses are bookends, but they'd look wonderful on a book shelf!

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