Plans for the New House-Floor Plans and Furniture

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Surprise, we moved in early and this is my new living room! I wish...this stunning room is a sneak peek from Emily Henderson's new book Styled. It is a room designed by another one of my favourite designers-Jessica Helgerson. If someone would like to buy either the book or all the items in this room for me as an early Christmas present it would be much appreciated. I found this on and knew right away it was pretty much everything I'd like in our new space- I mean it already has my hanging fireplace! 

Back to reality... for all of you who asked if we had moved into our new house yet-NO! We don't move in until December. I can see how you would be fooled though. It's not like most people would start making floor plans for a house they won't move into for two months. Also, for those of you interested in the DIY instructions for the lamp/chandelier I talked about in my last post...there are none right now. Chad is working on it and has promised to write out detailed plans if and when the light comes together. Good thing he has two months to figure it out. 

What I've been working on is a floorplan so that I can easily move our furniture in right away without making Chad carry sofas up and down stairs three or four times. Don't worry I have never actually made him do this but let's be honest it isn't above me. Here is my little doodle to show you how the current owner has the main area laid out. I don't know why you would want a huge eat-in kitchen area, a huge dining room and then a super tiny living room but I also don't know how a grown up could live with that red futon.

So here it is! I love my floor planning program because you can easily play around with your furniture to see what will fit where best. I realized right away that our large black leather sectional sofa was not going to fit in either room. Luckily it comes apart in two pieces and we also have a matching leather chair. The black sofa in the "family room" is the chaise section of the sofa and the chair pushed together. I think for the time being it will make a cozy corner near the fireplace. 

The white couch in the living room was my grandparent's couch we had in our old basement. I'll add our marble coffee table in there and the pink chairs are the tub chairs I may or may not reupholster. I happen to have quite a stash of chairs so I could switch them out until I save up enough to get them done. In the kitchen I added a large dining table since there is plenty of room. We don't actually have said large dining table so this is potentially another project to add to Chad's list. I'm also looking for something to put beside the dining table like a buffet or hutch or maybe one of the "fauxdenzas." Other then that, I'll be reusing a lot of our older pieces. The yellow over-dyed rug in the living room will actually be our black and white striped Ikea rug. 

Now to figure out what we're going to do with the kitchen and the floor in the upstairs bedrooms. I think the red carpet was chosen to match that red futon I'm so fond of. Happy Thanksgiving long-weekend and happy floor planning for anyone else knee deep in it! If you're interested in getting some help laying out your living room send me an email or check out my services here.

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